Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird

OK same as last week, did it in order of first appearance so you can skip to what you want and let me know what you think. This one ended up way longer because this episode had so many characters and was longer than last weeks and I wanted to take it seriously. Worked hard so enjoy and let me know what POSITIVE criticisms you have! Thanks.


Tyrion is still pretty angry about the trial it seems and takes it out on people while on the other hand begging them to risk their lives and fight a giant for him. Bronn was looking swag in some new clothes and but like Jaime is afraid of the Mountain but finally Tyrion gets some love from the Red Viper who can't resist the chance to legally murder him. He also seems to feel bad for Cersei sexually assaulting him as a child. Dinklage is showing every emotion this season and will definitely get another Emmy this season probably for sure.

Cersei and the Mountain

So with all the subtlety of a jackhammer it seems the writers wanted to remind us that the Mountain is evil and huge so they have him chopping people in half like they were logs with his shirt off. Cersei is really going off the wall Book Cersei crazy at this point as she seems to be totally down with all of this.

Arya and the Hound

The first scene was dumb except the beginning with that dying guy. Arya is a straight sociopath all of a sudden and kills someone every episode and the whole thing with Rorge was stupid. So that one dude, I guess The Biter because of the biting, jumps on the Hound and chomps on him while Rorge just stands and watches him get killed then chit chats and Arya stabs him. The End. Later we see the bite isn't going so well and the love/hate dynamic between these two is going strong.

Night's Watch

Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt seem to exist only to be rude to Jon and even when he makes good points they ignore it on default. The builder even thought it was a good idea and he bullies him into shutting up. Sort of unbelievable levels of stupid as he would rather let the Wildlings kill them all than admit Jon was right when he says the freaking obvious that they should shut down the one singular way those 100,000 men can break through the Wall.


Once again the highlight of the episode was Khaleesi's storyline. I think it is nice to see a strong female character order a man around sexually like that and get some nudity for the ladies for once so turning the tables a bit. Feel so bad for Jorah "Friend-zone" Mormont though but thought Emilia Clark knocked the speech with him out of the park and the takes they used in the final episode were better than in the trailer. Likely to also get an Emmy nod though maybe not win.


ANNNND right back to nudity for the men. This scene is about as good as good as a Dragonstone scene gets since Stannis' black hole of a personality isn't in it for once. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be taking away from this that Selyse is jealous of Melisandre's body and that Stannis needs medieval Viagra to sleep with her and not Mel or is she actually lezzing out a little here?

Brienne and Pod

I almost broke my laptop in joy when I jumped up after seeing Hot Pie it was almost as good as Sir Pounce. Not sure where these guys are headed to next which makes me think we are being misled OH and also how many people think them being told about the Brotherhood might be leading to a certain meeting with a certain person who may or may not be a lady and may or may not have a heart of stone?

The Eyrie

My God does Sansa get it rough because she was previously surrounded by psychos and she thinks she gets out of it and is right back to being surrounded by psychos. I wanted to curb stomp Robin when he messed up the snow castle. Then  Littlefinger gets all Sandusky with Sansa and I was hoping Chris Hansen would come to her rescue but instead Lysa sees it of course and her attempt to shove her out the moon door backfires in a big way. No "Only Cat" whopptie doo get over it book nerds.


Its weird cause this episode was mostly set-up for these three last episodes which should be awesome, though I expect the end of episode 9 to be overrated, but was still one of the better episodes because we saw progress in a lot of stories plus it had Khaleesi and not a hint of Stannis or Theon. I'm giving it a solid 8/10 which gives me room to go up for these last episodes.

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