Thursday, May 22, 2014

Khaleesi is Declared the #1 Game of Thrones Character by Rolling Stone

"The Mother of Dragons is the human embodiment of everything that makes Game of Thrones great. Bow down."

In other not surprising news, Rolling Stone stated the obvious in their ranking of the Top 40 Game of Thrones Characters which is that Khaleesi is #1. They lavish praise on her and also put out an interesting top 5. Tyrion at #3 and Ned at #5 are obvious ones too but Joffrey being #2 shows that the show's iconic bad guy is almost as important as its iconic good guy. The real shocker though was Sansa coming in 4th. You go girl! In even less surprising news than the previous news, Khaleesi outranked Stannis and Theon significantly. Those two came in 30th and 29th respectively, only a couple slots ahead of powerhouse fan-favorite characters like Sam, Shae and Talisa.

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