Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scientific Evidence Shows Khaleesi is a Media Darling

"Sansa was the world’s least-popular character (because apparently many people haven’t read the books), and the most headlines were written about Queen Daenerys. "

Sam Maggs of Geekosystem had Outbrain conduct a study to see who the most popular Game of Thrones character is. Looking at 5000+ articles on 100,000+ sites, it was proven that Khaleesi has more headlines written about her than any other character, which suggests the media is smart enough to recognize she is the character their readers most want to hear about. She was also the most popular character in the romantic country of Spain. She lost out on the overall title to Cersei but that is because its all about the number of comments on articles and Cersei is scandalous and gets those Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian type comments for her scheming and being a lying evil tramp on TV. Sansa came in last which is unfortunate as I pity her but understandable as she mostly sits around and mopes. Also worth noting is that once again the journalistic and scientific communities decided that Stannis and Theon were not worth mentioning.

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