Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Khaleesi's Five Fantastic and Fun Fasion Phases

Khaleesi played by the beautiful Emilia Clark has gone through some major changes to her wardrobe throughout the seasons like all women do as they mature and find their own fashion sense but I think I have picked up on at least five distinct phases of her growth as a style icon.

 Stage 1: Whipping Girl (Images 4 and 5)

The first is her phase when she was still bossed around by Viserys all the time. While very beautiful these dresses also are very revealing and show Khaleesi being vulnerable and treated like a piece of meat by her somewhat misogynistic brother which she certainly was back then but no longer as she has become the powerful Mother of Dragons.

Stage 2: Khaleesi (Images 1 and 2)

These are the outfits that we remember when she became iconic as Khaleesi and are probably the most iconic outfits in the show which makes sense since she is the show's most iconic character. This shows that she is adapting to fit in with the Dothraki because Khaleesi is very adaptable and also shows she can go for glammed up or super casual and still look classy and beautiful.

Stage 3: Finding Her Own Style as a Woman in a Man's World (Images 3 and 7)

So we start to see Khaleesi change her style up in Quarth and as we see she is sort of transitioning here and trying to find herself. We see her at first trying to fit in in a new place like a lot of people with her dress in Image 3 but as the season goes along we see her combine her Quarth style with her previous Dothraki style and end up with outfits like in Image 7. Khaleesi is still very adaptable but is now becoming a woman and realizes she must forge her own path and starts wearing pants more to show she is the one in charge.

Stage 4: Blue (Image 6 and Below)

Khaleesi then apparently decided she really liked blue as we barely have seen her wear any other colors (occasionally white) since then. She now seems to switch between her beautiful classy woman style in formal situations like Image 6 but also dresses more practically in others. The above image is the best example of this and is probably her second most iconic look unless we count when she was naked and covered in soot and dragons. She is showing she can look feminine but empowered all at once by combining the dress and the blue jeans/boots which is always a great look that maintains her modesty and is also practical for when riding horses or dragons or venturing into thick brush.

Stage 5: The Future of Khaleesi Style (Below)

In conclusion we see that Khaleesi's style while always beautiful and perfect is also changing all the time as she grows into a strong female character. Her above dress shows she is willing to show more skin now because she is growing confident in her sexuality and knows she can use it to manipulate the simple-minded misogynistic men she will need to confront on her journey to her destiny of taking the Iron Throne, defeating Stannis and the Wight Walkers,  marrying Jon Snow and living happily ever after. But its also classy at the same time and you could see her wearing it on the red carpet if they had movie premieres in Essos. Its a tough balancing act but she sure knows how to pull it off!

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