Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Season 4, Episode 6: The Laws of Gods and Men

OK I worked hard on this and hope you guys like it and thanks! I went in order of the episode so just read what you want you can probably skip the next paragraph.


Super smart move by the creators to start the episode off with their worst character. Stannis went to the bank and then Onion Knight went to take a bath and it was as boring as that sounds so I won't talk about it any more.


I was glad to see Asha again as she is one of those strong female characters that I like in the things I read and watch that doesn't play by men's rules. She tried to save her terribl boring brother and of course like the idiot he is he doesn't take the chance.


Also I think I noticed a bath theme this episode since Onion Knight and the black misogynist pirate took one then Ramsay washed Theon and there was some weird sexual tension.


Then we got to the best stretch of the episode. We got to see the dragons and Khaleesi proved she is already a pretty good ruler but she still has places she needs to improve on and then we got to see everyone at the Small Council agree that she is defnitely a major threat which it is about time they realized.


Also Oberyn and Varys chatted about a bunch of stuff. Pointless.


Tyrion's trial was a bit long though I guess its important but the whole thing depressed me as it was complete bullcrap on Cersei's half and Tywin clearly was a jerk to Jaime and Tyrion both and I can't believe no one eve Varys stuck up for him. Shay broke my heart a bit and Tyrion got very dramatic and emotional for a second and I am super excited for the trial by combat.

Rate it

Overall I give the episode a 5/10. Khaleesi did what she could to salvage it but Stannis and Theon in one episode is always a recipe for disaster and having half the episode be a trial is too Law and Order for me.

Please share any and all POSITIVE criticisms and thanks

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