Thursday, May 22, 2014

Research Proves Khaleesi is the Most Beloved Character on Game of Thrones.

"Using ninja machine learning techniques, we discovered... that everyone — we mean everyone — is in love with the Khaleesi."

A new study by BuzzFeed Data Science Intern Yiren Lu has proven that Khaleesi is as expected the most beloved character on all of Game of Thrones. Using advanced computers to look at 200,000 tweets on Twitter, she saw which characters had the most positive and negative mentions. The results were largely as expected though its nice to have some official verification of this fact. 89% of tweets referencing Khaleesi were positive which is 12% higher than the next closest Robb Stark. Joffrey comes in dead last with only 33% of his tweets positive which lends support to the idea that this came out exactly the way people would expect it to and the answers are so common sense that it shouldn't be questioned. As interesting as the results were, it might be even more telling which characters were not even included: Stannis and Theon, who science deemed irrelevant.


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