Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Season 4, Episode 10: The Children

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Jon Snow

The episode begins by finishing up everything that happened in the previous episode and we get some good acting from Mr. Harrington and Mr. Ciaran Hinds and also a lot of interesting information given to us as well such as giants have had kings for a real long time and Grenn came from a farm and Jon cannot handle his liquor. Later Stannis and the Onion Knight show up to do some horseback riding and dressage though they seem to have spent most of their time practicing their timing so they can all get off their horses in unison.


Cersei has a stretch here where she starts dominating men left and right and I found it liberating. First she shows Pycelle who is boss then she started to drop some The Young and the Restless level bombshells on Tywin before sort of reversing the coffin rape from episode 3 though clearly they still pulled the punches and made Cersei less controlling because of misogyny.


This was easily the most dramatic and emotional scene in the episode and the dragon CGI was almost as good as Ms. Emilia Clark's acting which means it was very good. Both the man with his burnt daughter and putting the dragons in that cave were very heartbreaking and its good to see that even in a transition season for Khaleesi where she is not as much the focus she is still capable of carrying any episode.

Funerals up North

So here for a while we see some funeral ALSO I noticed there are a lot of gingers up north compared to the rest of the world. The Red Woman gives Jon some looks with serious sexual tension through the fire and then he talks to bearded ginger about how Wildlings don't have funerals. Then he tells him to go up north and do a funeral pretty much for Ygritte like 5 seconds after.


This scene was terrible like some sort of cheesy old fantasy stuff. With no build up at all we get skeleton warriors and elves (aren't the Children just supposed to be small and not actual children looking things? like they just made them little kids with dirt on their face) and fireballs and tree wizards all introduced in like five minutes which is like way too fast ALSO did anyone really care when Jojen died when he has been in like 5 scenes all time?


Arya continues her descent into being completely crazy and sociopathic when she refuses to euthanize the Hound because she wants him to suffer which is pretty messed up though it was cool to see Brienne and Arya together as both are those strong female characters I like who refuse to play by the gender rules of their society which is misogynistic. She gets on a boat later too.


Jaime saves Tyrion which everyone probably guessed and they have a nice brotherly love moment before they seperate and Tyrion decided to go off the deep end. He goes to visit his dad and finds he has been sleeping with his ex (serious Young and the Restless stuff going on this whole episode) and he freaks on her and chokes her out like Wayne Brady after she tries to pull a cheese knife on him. He finds Tywin relieving himself and shoots him when he shows a lack of respect for women and the recently deceased. Tyrion and Varys then also take a boat ride. There was a boat theme this episode I guess.

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